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As you may have figured out from our many convention appearances, we love co-promoting all of our projects with new retro games for old classic game systems! It all started with my dream project – an MMSBC Atari 2600 game!

Designed by Ricky Henry and programmed by Jason Santucci, MMSBC is a unique 2 player offering that is a totally unique experience for the classic Atari 2600.

“I love the Atari. It was my first system. When I started thinking about doing an MMSBC game, I didn’t just want a Space Invaders clone. I wanted to do something that had never been done before on the system.” – Ricky Henry

What we got was a perfect mash up of a Space Invaders style game mixed with the frantic urgency of Missile Command with a competitive 2 player spirit.


MMSBC was followed up by a sequel from Jason Santucci and made available the following year at the Cincinnati Comic Expo and even a special MMSBL version for the Louisville Arcade Expo! Following a more traditional ‘Defender’ style of gameplay, MMSBC 2 really shows off what you can do from a depth standpoint on the 2600!


The MMSBC trend continued at the following Louisville Arcade Expo! This time, the entire short trailer and all of the behind the scenes content was release…as a SEGA CD FMV disc!


The most recent – and most anticipated was the first full game for the mighty Sega Genesis! Space Foxes was born out of a desire to help promote the show and give the fans of the previous games an offering on a somewhat more modern console. The game was originally developed by Jason as ‘Code Eliminator’ for Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Charity. Jason, who readily admits that he’s not much of an artist saw an opportunity to get more life from the game with a fresh (foxy!) coat of paint from Ricky! Space Foxes is a high score single or 2 player arcade style shoot’em up made available at the 2016 Louisville Arcade Expo!


So! What’s next? Keep dreaming…



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