Launch Time!

After (literally) years of false starts and delays, the Bit Pop Empire is finally ready to make a splash. I’ve assembled a great team, and we’re excited to have our first big showing at this years Cincinnati Comic Expo! Speaking of CCE, I was lucky enough to design the official t-shirt for the show this year. It pays homage to Kenner toys Super Powers line, and we all know Kenner was a former Cincinnati based company, right? Sure! It’s going to be a real thrill seeing folks walking around and sporting the t-shirt. We’re also upgrading our status from ‘Artist Alley’ to full-blown vendors! A lot is riding on this appearance, so we’re going all in! Here is a little preview of what’s on tap!


First up, we’re going to FINALLY release MMSBC issue number 3! It’s been a LONG time coming, and a lot of you have even asked if the book was canceled! No way! Having been busy with the trailer, we had to put the book on hold, but I can assure you it will be ready by showtime. In my humble opinion, this is hands down the best issue yet. Chad has improved so much, and we finally get a chance to introduce the core team! (No uniforms yet!) We’ll have plenty for sale, so stop by and pick it up!



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