Project: Suplex – MMSBC Returns to Live Action

I am very pleased to announce that we are once again, with help from our friends at Pixel Brain Productions, doing a new live action short for MMSBC. We hope to begin filming in late July, and debut the short at the September Cincinnati Comic Expo. This is something I never would have dreamed of happening again, and it’s blowing my mind every day that we make new casting decisions or map out effects shots. To sum it up, I first encountered Matthew Gaither at this years Louisville Arcade Expo, where he was screening his excellent film, Zach Cooper’s Epic Speedrun. I pitched the idea that we do some sort of short hype video to promote the next issue of MMSBC, and the project and partnership evolved into a much larger, extended trailer for the series. It’s way past cool.

So, with production goals rising…so are the costs. I’m setting up a PayPal donation link, to help cover some of the costs. Right now, we have to pay for the crew to come up from Louisville as well as material for costumes and props. For anyone who donates, you’ll get a spot in the credits, as well as a fancy DVD when all is complete.

Like I said, I never thought this would happen, and I’m beyond excited to begin. Keep checking back for updates on casting and other fun stuff! Til then, you can send donations below!




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