Let’s Begin.

Starting a brand new website is pretty hard. I have some big guests planned for some special podcast episodes and video shows later this month, but for anyone coming to check out the site for the first time may want to be pointed to a few special places. Just because this is the launch of the site, doesn’t mean that Bit Pop hasn’t been making a splash over the couple of years. How about a little name history and more…

“Gimme Bit Pop!” – Origins of the Bit Pop Name

I (Ricky) have pretty much up until a few years ago, labeled most of my creative projects under the guise of Main Moon Productions. You can find out more about that in the aptly titled ‘About’ page, but to make a long story short, that ship had sailed, and it was time to move on. While Main Moon was transitioning into what would become Bit Pop, I became great friends with a super rad guy named Shael Riley, whom I’ve collaborated on different projects with and even toured the east coast with performing shows. On Shael’s first solo album, Toybox, he wrote a catchy little song called…you guessed it, “BIT POP“! When I was helping design and distribute Shael’s t-shirts for his solo work and side project, The Grammar Club, we needed an online store. The first thing that I came up with was Bit Pop Shop. It stuck and I started using it from that point forward as a way to market catchy and funny pop culture related t-shirts. When it came time to publish the Monster Management comic book, I knew I needed a new label, so Bit Pop was born! While I don’t sell goofy t-shirts anymore, I still have the store up with the comics and other fun stuff! Links below!



“Bit Pop – The Official Home of (insert here)”

Where do I begin? Perhaps it’s just best that I make a list. I’m a Libra. I like lists! (or so I’m told!) Below you’ll find what Bit Pop is currently up to. I have big ideas and big plans that I’m not ready to mention just yet, but you can rest assured that the stuff you read below is for sure happening this year! I’m pretty excited.

Comics / Graphic Novels

Monster Management Security Bureau of CincinnatiThe flagship title that I hold near and dear to my heart. It’s been a labor of love for almost ten years, and my action adventure sci-fi romantic comedy is finally available to the masses! It started as a Main Moon feature film and now sits humbly as a fun-filled comic book series. The book is the effort of a 2-man team (Chad Schoettle and Ricky Henry) and we tend to put out one volume per year, which isn’t bad considering the vastly different schedules that we have. It’s not your average coming of age indie book. If you liked cheesy sentai in the 90’s, you’ll be hooked! Be sure to look for Bit Pop at a comic convention near you! Become a fan on Facebook will ya?

Monster Wrestler Children’s BookWhen my son was born, I knew I wanted to write and draw a book for him. He had a really cute book called Bear in Underwear that appeared to be drawn all in vector graphics, a format that I work quite well in. So when we had the discussion of “When do we tell him Santa isn’t real?” came up, I immediately thought “Forget that! When do we tell him pro-wrestling isn’t real!?” And that’s how the story was born. It’s a cute book about not mimicking what you see on TV, and wrestling journalist and radio show host Bryan Alvarez even provided an excellent foreword!

Web Video Series

Electric Tapes Electric Tapes is a love letter to a long lost trend in television and also the spiritual successor to the old Main Moon Super Buffet Cinema show. Did you love Night Flight? Did you stay UP! All Night with Rhonda Shear? Did you consider yourself a Mystie? The b-movie variety show is a lost art, and Electric Tapes hopes to revive some of that magic. It’s a show that’s been in the planning stages for a LONG time, but it appears that 2016 will FINALLY see the first season touch home base! Stay tuned!

Podcasts / Internet Radio

Bit Pop RadioYou can’t have a site like this and not expect a podcast. It won’t be a very regular thing, but every once in a while, when news breaks or we have a guest lined up that can only do an audio interview and perhaps can’t appear on Basement Tapes, this will be the perfect outlet to make sure everyone can join in on the fun! Nothing is off limits. We could talk music, movies, video games, wrestling…the sky is the limit!

There you have it! Aside from convention appearances, this is what you’ll have to look forward to! Annnnd, speaking of appearances, we should have an announcement soon about a potential appearance in July. We’re waiting on the contract as we speak, but as soon as the deal is done, we’ll add it here first! Also, since this is a page dedicated simply to the projects listed above, but you for some reason want to read about my obsession with old game magazines and phobia of cheap Halloween costumes then check out my personal blog at www.rickyhenry.com! Til next time!


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